Books are on the Move!

Making Spirits Bright hit the ground running this year!   January has been all about sorting and gifting thousands of books to children!


MSB debuted our Free Book Fair Program in Pontiac Schools and it was a huge success.  Every student self-selects five books, creates a bookmark and chooses a book tote bag to bring home!  Teachers and Media Specialist are encouraged to select as many books as they need for their classroom and school libraries during the fair as well.  

We have a new sponsor, Two Men and a Truck, to help us move books! With their assistance MSB gifted 5500 to books Dearborn Public Schools!  Every child at Bedford Elementary will receive 12 books to take home and create a home library to ensure they continue reading during the upcoming summer.

MSB gifted 854 books to the reading interventionist at Clarenceville Middle School! I’m blown away by the amazing feedback we received from her –

“ I’d like to thank you again for the high quality book donations! Today I personally worked with several teachers to build classroom libraries.  Our 6th grade ELA teacher now has a nice selection of books for her students.  As a new teacher she is truly appreciative.  Our 8th grade ELA teacher was able to weed out old books and restock her bookcase. In addition,  5 other teachers were excited to come grab books to actually begin their own libraries! I’ll be working this week to make sure the rest get  good homes.  This has made a huge impact in improving our libraries since the books were current and in great condition.  Thank you again for the amazing work you are doing!”

ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) students have specialized needs and need durable board books that are specifically themed books for their curriculum.  MSB was able to gift 200 of these books to Walled Lake Elementary’s ASD classrooms.


MSB hosted more volunteers than I can count this month!  Dozens of NHS students and Boy Scouts spent hours and hours working with us.  Through their efforts over 15,000 books were sorted, boxed and moved.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, please visit our SignUp Genius!


We are happy to continue adding more community partners!

MSB is partnering with Kids Kicking Cancer Hero Circle.  They’re teaching pediatric, oncology patients to manage pain and stress with martial arts.  They will be providing books to their patients to support them while they are spending so much time in hospitals and out of school. 

And we’ve found a home for some of our adult books!  The UUAA Prison Book Program will be receiving 1000 paperback books quarterly from MSB.  The volunteers at UUAA distribute books directly to those incarcerated, as well as stocking the family visiting rooms with picture books to enable inmates to read to their children.


Making Spirits Bright Free Book Fairs would not be possible without support.  Because of LaFontaine and 4imprint we were able to purchase book tote bags for the fairs.

We’re grateful for all of the small donations we’ve been receiving from private donors.

Our Founder and Executive Director, Maria, has been working diligently on her grant writing skills.  Hopefully her efforts will be able to augment our programming and gifting!

MSB rounded the month out with a big location move.  We are so excited to be in a new space on the first floor!   I’m sure our volunteers who have worked tirelessly lugging books up and down from our second floor location will be thrilled!

Come visit us and donate your gently used books at our new location.  28580 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, 48334.  We collect books there every Friday from 12-2p!

Tracy, Distribution Manager

PS We are a 501(c)3 and accept monetary donations from individuals and organizations. Please consider donating here.

627 836 Tracy Tullis

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